February News Letter

Hello Jazz friends,

Thank you for staying with us through this time of no gigs. Now that the party season is over in Downing street we can offer a programme of live events with the hope that they will be allowed to go ahead.

The first item I must bring to your attention is the little matter of support in the shape of our annual membership which is now due if you have yet to join or rejoin. This is really important, not just for the fee which keeps us afloat, but the fact that with a healthy number of members we can show funders that we are worth their attention. Last year we were nearly 100 strong and our target this year is 200. Would you please help and show your support for live jazz in Pembrokeshire with a commitment of just £15?

Just click here to complete the process https://narberthjazz.wales/event/membership-renewal/

Not only will you get at least £1 off at each live show, but also the occasional ‘members only’ event and the right to vote at the AGM which will be in March, and that will be your chance to vote us out and run NJ yourselves! Plus the warm feeling of supporting live music in the area.

Our next show at The Plas Hotel is with HOT CLUB GALLOIS which I am sure will please many people as these players are dedicated to giving their audience an authentic Django experience. Xenia Porteous, is a perfect lyrical violinist standing in for Stephane Grappelli, along with Richard Jones and Luke Archard, guitars and Mike Morgan on bass.

This show is at a special low price ticket to ensure everyone can come, and get back into live music again.


We held our first Jazz in the Afternoon at The Hwb, Narberth on 27th. January, which was an interesting start to the new series which is especially for those who are not able to get out in the evening. The venue proved less than ideal, as the separation from mums and babies in the main room was leaking in to our area.

We will continue the series on Thursday 24th Feb. at The Dingle Club in Jesse Road and Gordon Barry will present a selection of tunes on the theme of ‘Now We Has Jazz’ A look at the hundred + years of jazz history with particular thoughts on piano jazz. Should be good.


The good folks at Aberjazz in Fishguard have a swing show at Letterston coming up on 12th March. Information here https://www.aberjazz.com/ I hope that a few people can go and see this show to assess if we should book them in here.


In March we will have THE COLTRANE DEDICATION QUINTET which will be a treat for many modern jazz fans. Coltrane Dedication was borne out of coincidence and recognition; coincidence that the five original band members were due to jam together and realised the gig was on the 40th anniversary of John Coltrane’s death so decided to dedicate that night’s repertoire completely to his catalogue, and recognition that the emotional platform that this exceptional music provides seemed somewhat buried. Why? Well, there is absolutely no doubting the integrity and execution of Coltrane’s work, and his influence on musicians ever since, and well beyond the confines of ‘jazz’ music.

In April we will welcome back The John Gibbon trio, who this time will accompany one of the top big band singers, Jeff Hooper. He is singing with a brass section in Swansea this   Friday https://www.swanseajazz.co.uk/

Recently he has been touring with the BBC big band https://www.jeffhooper.co.uk/

The May show is not organised yet but The DOM NORCROSS BAND who were postponed from last month, is now Playing for our June show, with singer Elaina Hoss.

That’s all for this month, stay well and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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Declan and the NJ team