Narberth Jazz Club is a small association of like-minded enthusiasts seeking to promote all aspects of Jazz music to wider audiences.

As a recently inaugurated club NJC recognises the need to adopt best practice with regard to its legal, social and environmental policies but is mindful of the very limited resources, both time and financial, that it has available to embody all aspects of the policies being adopted in its day to day activities.

The spirit and principles of the Policies that follow in this document have been adopted by the Management Committee and will form the basis of the NJC conduct and behaviour.

These policies will be reviewed and if necessary modified to better reflect the activities of NJC in the coming years with reporting and comment being included in the Annual Report of the Chair to the AGM.

Code of Conduct Policy

Members and contractors of NJC are required to conduct themselves in a courteous, professional, and respectful manner, and in accordance with NJC’s rules as determined by the Management Committee at its sole discretion.

NJC Members will:-

  • Uphold the values of NJC by always seeking to represent the group in the best light possible.
  • Respect the rules and property of all organisations and venues hosting, sponsoring, or managing events of, or on behalf of, NJC.
  • Communicate differences of opinion regarding NJC matters in a professional manner with due regard for the disparate viewpoints of others.
  • Endeavour to provide accurate credit information whenever possible and uphold copyright law in all their work.

NJC members will not:-

  • Threaten, harass, abuse, or discriminate against others, verbally, physically, or in writing.
  • Engage in unruly, disruptive, lewd, illegal, or unethical conduct in connection with NJC events or matters.
  • Engage in conduct that is harmful to the standing, reputation, welfare, and best interests of NJC or its members or contractors.
  • Accept any external benefit with regards to voting powers.
  • Communicate with the media regarding the actions, decisions, business, or affairs of the NJC or its affiliates. without express permission from the Committee.
  • Make commitments or speak on behalf of the NJC without express permission from the Management Committee.
  • Use NJC marks or logos to suggest an affiliation beyond membership without express permission from the Management Committee.

NJC may, at its sole discretion, terminate the membership of any member convicted of a criminal offence under the laws of the United Kingdom or abroad. 

Data Protection Policy

This policy applies to all parties handling data on behalf of NJC and to all data that NJC holds relating to individuals. The policy is designed to ensure compliance with GDPR

NJC is the Data Controller.  The Data Protection Officer is the Membership Secretary, appointed in accordance with the NJC Constitution.

Where NJC uses third party Data Processors NJC will, as far as is possible, ensure compliance with GDPR.

Collection and retention of data

NJC will only collect individual or contractor name and contact details sufficient for administrative (eg. membership, fundraising and meetings) and events (eg. newsletters, promotion, ticketing and management) purposes.

Individual and contractor data will be reviewed annually and any redundant data will be permanently deleted or destroyed.

Right of access

Individuals can request to see or update or delete their data at any time.  Requests should be submitted to the Data Protection Officer.

Where individuals have subscribed to any on-line service, an ‘unsubscribe’ facility will be provided

Breaches of Confidentiality

Any breaches of the data protection policy should be reported to the Data Protection Officer who will investigate the breach.  NJC through its Management Committee will ensure amendment or reinforcement to its policies and procedures to prevent future breaches.

Equal Opportunities Policy

NJC aim to ensure that no person engaged or participating in our events or activities is disadvantaged as a result of any discrimination regarding their age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, race, colour, nationality, national origin, ethnic origin, political opinion, religion or belief.

NJC understand that equality of opportunity includes all aspects of the management and administration of the Club, its events, communications and publicity.

NJC will not, tolerate any form of discrimination and appropriate action will be taken against any Officer, Member, Contractor or event participant found to be acting in a discriminatory manner.

Conflicts of interest policy

A conflict of interest exists whenever our personal interests, activities, investments or relationships affect our ability to act in NJC’s best interest.

Even the appearance of a conflict of interest can be interpreted negatively or cause others to be concerned that we are not acting properly. As a result, it is important to avoid perceived as well as actual conflicts, because both types of conflicts can hurt NJC’s activities and reputation.

Conflicts of interest can be avoided or addressed if they are promptly disclosed and properly managed. The NJC Management Committee will review each disclosure of a conflict, and is the ultimate decision maker as to how the conflict can or cannot be resolved.

Any actual or potential conflict of interest should be disclosed to a Management Committee Member who will raise it as an issue for discussion at the next available Management Committee Meeting.

Decisions arising from the discussion will be recorded in the minutes. 

Welsh Language Policy

NJC recognises the cultural and social value of the Welsh language and wherever possible and appropriate will endeavour to provide documents and to communicate in both Welsh and English.

Decisions regarding the provision of bilingual materials will need to take into account both the financial and environmental impact.

Meetings will be conducted in whichever language provides the best level of understanding for all participants.

Environmental policy

NJC is committed to adopting and implementing environmental policies to ensure that all activities have minimal impact. Where possible actions will be encouraged that can make a positive environmental impact. Purchases where possible will be from sustainable sources.

Wherever possible, NJC communication will be by electronic means and paper records will be kept to a minimum.

NJC recognises that some of its events could result in a negative impact on the local environment and its residents from noise, litter and increased road traffic. In such circumstances and to minimise this impact, NJC will endeavour to engage with the local community and to set in place the necessary actions to avoid problems.