Hello Friends,

I have to tell you the bad news first. The Social Evening planned for 24th. June at the Plas Hotel has to be scaled down. Current Covid rules mean that we cannot gather inside, but the hotel has agreed that we can have a casual chat and drink outside on the terrace. They have also said that we can test the p.a. equipment which has been in storage for over a year. We had hoped to gather to chat and invite musicians to jam but do please come if the weather allows.

On a more positive note the website is almost ready thanks to the sterling work of our own Gordon Barry and John from Planed. We will ask you to join as members starting at a very reasonable Standard membership at £10, with options at £15, (Super) and (Premium) £25. You are now able to join Narberth Jazz as a member and book tickets for the Garden Party on our dedicated phone line 07778 563334 (There will be a membership form to fill in to comply with data protection rules.) or via the Narberth Jazz Facebook page.

We are still planing to hold our Garden Party at Lampeter House Lampeter Velfry on July 15th. as planned but everything depends on what Mr. Drakeford has to say on the summer solstice June 21st when all will be revealed. Keep hoping that the sun will shine for us and see the flier below for the details.

The BBC continues to include Jazz in the radio schedules even though TV has forgotten the wonderful Jazz 625 days. There is Jamie Cullum on R2 Tuesdays,

J to Z on Saturday and JRR Sunday afternoons on R3. Besides these dedicated programs, Iggy Pop and Cerys Mathews often sprinkle their own jazz favourites into their 6Music shows and Gilles Peterson’s take on the genre has some gems in amongst the relentless beats. Recently he played the whole of Promises – Pharaoh Sanders recent disc with Floating Points and an orchestra when it first came out. If, like me, you love The Pharaoh’s unique playing you must hear this which might well be the last blast from the 80 year old saxophonist.

I was intrigued to come across this ‘Tango Nuevo’ collaboration between Gerry Mulligan and Argentinian composer and accordionist Astor Piazzola

I love the forensic detail about the life of Louis Armstrong on this site

If you have discovered an unknown gem, do let us know and perhaps post it on the Facebook page